Quiz Rally 2017

Quiz Rally 2017 was a huge success! Eagle River Pony Club walked away with 2 teams winning & 2 teams placing 2nd! This was the first year ERPC had a C level team compete at Quiz Rally & I am so happy to say that we won! We won by over 50 points too! I … Continue reading Quiz Rally 2017

2017 Goals & Show Schedule

Heyoooo! So last week I had my trainer over for dinner to talk about my 2017 goals and the show season plan! I thought I would share what we talked about with all of you! Goals: 1. Qualify for Area IX Championships, this one should definitely be attainable. 2. Get better and more consistent in … Continue reading 2017 Goals & Show Schedule

Struggle Bus

The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event (RK3DE) is right around the corner and this gal is pumped!!!!!!! But ya know, Rolex means shopping which means spending money which means I need money to begin with... hehe. But ya know, gotta look styling while your there which means spending more money that I barely have too! … Continue reading Struggle Bus

6 Months with Penelope

January 30th marks my 6 month 'horse-aversay' with Penelope. We signed the papers and Penelope officially became mine 🙂 However, she didn't arrive in Colorado from California for a few weeks after we purchased her on July 30th. It blows my mind to think how fast those 6 months went by and to think where … Continue reading 6 Months with Penelope

Thank You Sponsors

I'm just going to start off by saying that I don't say this enough... Thank you so incredibly much to my sponsors. All 5 of these amazing companies, made my 2016 possible and I cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring with them. Thank you so much for your endless support, kindness, and generosity. … Continue reading Thank You Sponsors

Winter Surprises

As you may know, Penelope is only 5 years old. I have had her for almost 6 months and she is a Welsh mare. What does all of this scream? FEISTY! Not only that but she had cantered twice in a month and hadnt had a saddle on her back in exactly a month. She … Continue reading Winter Surprises


As I begin to plan out my show schedule for the year, I can't help but look at all of my favorite events from last year... I thought I would share some of my favorite show moments with you all 🙂 ~Madison, Charley, Jumbo Shrimp, & Penelope

Sizes & Self Confidence

Today I took a trip down to Dover Saddlery to FINALLY pick up a new pair of tall boots. I've been saving my Dover Gift Cards for 2 years now, knowing that I would need something big eventually, and today came that day. A little background on me: I'm only 5'1". I decided that I … Continue reading Sizes & Self Confidence

My 2016 with Charley

2016 was my first full show season on Charley and I thought I would give you all an overview of it. (In 2014 she pulled her suspensory ligament in July and was out until September, and in 2015 she fractured her skull in May and was out until September as well). The first two shows … Continue reading My 2016 with Charley