Horse HIIT

One of my all time favorite past times is working out, specifically weight lifting. But when I'm not lifting weights you will probably find me doing a HIIT workout or High Intensity Interval Training. (Hold up. Before you push your horse make sure that he is capable of doing the workout, is wearing protective boots, … Continue reading Horse HIIT

Strang Ranch Jumper Show Recap

Penelope is a newbie, green bean, youngster, baby, etc etc. Whether or not you have dealt with a young, inexperienced horse, I am sure you have heard stories. Penelope is my 6 year old, Welsh pony, mare. We competed in the 2'9" Children's Jumpers at Strang Ranch this past weekend. At this show, my green … Continue reading Strang Ranch Jumper Show Recap

5 Weeks Away… C-2 HM

As some of you may know, I am a C-1 Traditional from the Eagle River Pony Club in the Rocky Mountain Region. On June 30th I will be going for my C-2 Horse Management. This rating is just a horse management rating which is probably a good thing because the C-2 rating is crazy hard … Continue reading 5 Weeks Away… C-2 HM

Happy 6th Birthday Penelope!

Hi everyone! So yesterday (May 11th) was Penelope's birthday! She was born on May 11th, 2011 which makes her 6 now! For her birthday I had a jumping lesson, took her on a trail ride, grazed her, and had a little photoshoot! I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures with you all! … Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday Penelope!

Rolex Recap – RK3DE 2017

Ahhhhh Rolex was amazing! Omg I miss it so much ❤ Im so sorry I didn't blog everyday while I was there but got caught up having too much fun! As you may or may not know, this was my first (and hopefully won't be my last) time attending the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event! I … Continue reading Rolex Recap – RK3DE 2017

Spring Gulch Here We Come!

Hey guys! So this Sunday Penelope and I will be competing in our very first show of the season! We will competing in the Beginner Novice division of the Pine Ridge Pony Club Combined Test at Spring Gulch! P and I competed in the fall version of this show last year and had a blast … Continue reading Spring Gulch Here We Come!

DIY Pony Poptarts

Hey guys! Today I thought I would teach you all how to make these adorable horse treats shaped like pop tarts! Now these do have some sugar in them, so limit your pony to a few a week 🙂 Ingredients for base: 2 cups flour 3/4 cup molasses 1/4 cup oats 1/4 shredded carrot 1 … Continue reading DIY Pony Poptarts

Snow in April

Hey guys! A few days ago it snowed... in April... and to say the least I'm actually not that disappointed about it. Although the snow means mud and the cold, Colorado could use as much precipitation as it can get right now. One of my favorite parts of summer is camping. And what is camping … Continue reading Snow in April

I’m Headed to Rolex!

ahhhhh guyssssss its been way to long... my bad. But aside from that, I'm going to Rolex!!! This will be my first time attending the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event & I am so excited! I will be there from Thursday - Monday, my tentative schedule is as follows: Thursday- traveling day: fly, get settled, … Continue reading I’m Headed to Rolex!

Quiz Rally 2017

Quiz Rally 2017 was a huge success! Eagle River Pony Club walked away with 2 teams winning & 2 teams placing 2nd! This was the first year ERPC had a C level team compete at Quiz Rally & I am so happy to say that we won! We won by over 50 points too! I … Continue reading Quiz Rally 2017